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HonorRO V3.4 Update still in Process

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-Every MvP affected by the Green Aura has a 100% chance to drop the item  Mysterious Combination Bundle(Item Code #23817) which contains a random recipe. 

Genetic Shop 
-Added White Herb,Blue Herb,Red Herb,Green Herb,Yellow Herb

-Added Warper/Custom/Bio Lab 5

Cash Shop
-Added Token Of Siegfried 5 Box 

-Fixed Aura Level 185


-Terra Gloria Instance - Complete
-Card Trader Updated

In Process 
-Magma Dungeon - level 3
-Glastheim Castle Abyss
-Lapine System
-Lapine Wiki = http://wiki.honorro.com/2019/09/01/lapine-box/

Next Update
-Pori Gacha
-Cash Shop
-MVP Reward
-Instance Shop

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