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HonorRO V3.3

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•Skill Description KRO : Update schedule in the first quarter of 2019
•Adventurer Rank System is simillar VIP.

•Illusion Enchant
•Bloody Branch Room Droprates
•Separhim Coronet Headgear Effect
•Assumptio Skill Formula
•Card Trader
•Homunculus Intimacy per feed is 30
•Malangdo Enchant
•Superbfish box stackable
•Refine UI HD Carnium or HD Bradium, the weapon or armor will not go under +10, so +10 is the Safe Limit when refining with HD Bradium and HD Carnium.
•Geffen Magic Tournament 

Instance Fixed
•Morse Cave Instance
•Terra Gloria Instance 

•Infinite Space
•Sara Memory Points

•Prize of Hero is an MVP drop from the final bosses of Morse's Cave and Bios Island.
-Hero Plate [1]
-Hero Judgement Shawl [1]
-Hero Magic Coat [1]
-Hero Target Suit [1]
-Hero Hidden Cloth [1]
-Hero Trade Mail [1]
-Hero Nepenthes Shoes [1]
-Hero Silverleather Boots [1]
-Hero Ungoliant Boots [1]

•Charleston Crisis Instance

-Step   (STEP)   Mob-ID#3125 
drop Item ID# 6961 (Huge_Metal_Scrap),Item ID# 6962 (Old_Fuel) =10%
-Lockstep   (ROCK_STEP)   Mob-ID#3126
drop Item ID# 6961 (Huge_Metal_Scrap),Item ID# 6962 (Old_Fuel) =10%
-Kickstep   (KICK_STEP)   Mob-ID#3127
drop Item ID# 6961 (Huge_Metal_Scrap),Item ID# 6962 (Old_Fuel) =10%
-Kick And Kick   (KICK_AND_KICK)   Mob-ID#3128
drop Item ID# 6961 (Huge_Metal_Scrap),Item ID# 6962 (Old_Fuel) =10%

MVP Ladder Added Illusion MVP Points
•Time Holder #3074 
•Chaotic Baphomet #20520 
•Ominous Turtle General #3804
•Shining Teddy Bear #20260 
•Angry Moonlight #3758 
•Ancient Tao Gunka #20273
•Awaken Ktullanux #3796
•Ancient Wootan Defender #20277 

Coming Soon
•Pet Ranking with effect
•Added new Item in Quest Shop and Cash Shop
•Re Arrange Instance with Points
•Pori Gacha Menu Update

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