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HonorRO V3.0

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•Implented Star Emperor Fully Complete
•Implented Kro Balance 1st/2nd Classes skills
•Implented Terra Gloria Database and Complete Quest
•Implented Upper Headgear Quest

•Pori Gacha update rewards and increase zeny price.
•Item Mall Genetic Shop Added Item ID# 6210 (Seed_Of_Horny_Plant),Item ID# 6211 (Bloodsuck_Plant_Seed)
•Happy Hunt Bunny Events Start 16 July ,End 16 September


•Implented Devil Square 

•Attendance Daily Auto Renew after 20 Days
•Monster ID (3208), (3209), (3210), (3211), (3212), (3213), (3226), (3227), (3229), (3228), (3230), (3231), (3232) Added drops item#23016 Cursed Fragment
•Vanargand Helm Requirements item updated.
•Shecil Damon (MOB ID #3211) SHOULD drop Costume Sniper Google[0] item#20392. 

•Update Design 1.0
•Redeem Code for Donation,get item ingame storage
•Jackpot System in Website,donation players have chance to win Jackpot
per redeem code create,jackpot increase 75 Points.once reach 3000 points will random drops to any ID.
•Wheel of Fortune spin in Website,spin with ingame cash points

Coming Soon
•Kro Update Schedule in First Quarter 2019
•Illusion Vampire
•Illusion Frozen
•PUBG Mode with Guns Job
•PVP MMR Points with Betting+Shop
•Element Pet with effect

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